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  בדק בית & פרויקטים  

 ניסיון ורשת מקצועיתכם 25 שנות ניסיון רשת וצוות מקועיים

כדי לעזור לכם לממש את הפרויקט שלכם

בדק בית, מדידה, היתרים, ניהול נכסים

הדברים הכי טובים בחיים נמצאים בצד השני של הפחדים שלנו" וויל סמיט''

"The best things in life are on the other side of fear" - Will Smith

Dr Louis Bendayan

"When we wanted to build a house to our liking, we called on Emmanuel.

He was able to perfectly transcribe our wishes and managed the whole project from the design to the choice of companies and its realization, with seriousness and precision.

The result is beyond our expectations. Thanks again. "

Jacques Cadranel
 Zichron Yaacov

"Emanuel was nothing short of,  excellent in his professional objective and thorough survey of the properties, which I’ve asked him to assess.

Without question or hesitation, I would only buy a property which has been surveyed by an Emanuel.

All of his equipment has cutting-edge technology and his years of experience, combined with expert qualifications gives customers confidence to invest, and also invaluable insights to retract or renegotiate.

As a multiple investor of numerous properties here in Israel, Emanuel is heads and shoulders above anyone else that I’ve used.

I also found his opinions regarding property, improvements and development, opportunities, creative and insightful. 

Needless to say his European architecture qualification experience is a huge value add to his service."

JC du Bellay


Head of Department at the Technical Directorate of the French Building Federation

"Fairness and probity are the qualifiers that best illustrate Emmanuel.

He cares about detail and places man at the heart of his architectural achievements. "



רחוב העצמאות 32,תד 11107,  זכרון יעקב, ישראל

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