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Checking your apartment in Israel



We make sure you that when you buy a house you feel secure and confident.

by checking
with a Construction Expert   
the quality of the construction
and the conformity of plans and works.

25 years of experience 
in architecture, expertise, and real estate
at the service of your project



  •  Quality inspection,

  • Standards verifications,

  • Detailed Report, 

  • List of the repairs,

  • Budget estimation.


  • Disposition,

  • Surfaces checking,

  • Matching with Permit.


  • Permit verification,

  • Compliance / Tofes 4,

  • Right realization,

  • Régularisations,

  • Authorizations.

Property Management 

  • Estimation and quotes,

  • Repair management,

  • Maintenance,

  • Repair supervision.

About Emmanuel Goldberg

Architect and Construction Expert,

Member of the Order of Engineers & Architects in Israel,​

Graduated in Expertise by the Federation of Engineers,

25 years of experience.

I live and work in Israel, 

French is my native language, and I speak fluent English.

We have all experienced a longer and more expensive project.

Now I am convinced that it is only by being very precise that it is possible to obtain Quality results from the Contractors.

Through my technical and documents checks, and measurements,

I make sure you buy safely.

I write a detailed report of what needs to be repaired and regularized,

to notify clearly what to fix to the Contractors and for repairs.

And I help you find solutions, calculate the price, and realize the repairs. 


My goal is to contribute so that you can settle at home quickly and confidently.

We make sure that when you buy you feel secure and confident

And you're not going in blind   with a professional inspection.

We speak 

the  same language

Professional team and network

and creative solutions


32 rehov Ha-atsmaut, BP 11107,  Zichron Yaacov 30900, Israel

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