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Emmanuel Goldberg was born in Paris in 1974 (46 years). He lives mostly in Israel with his wife and children and manages his Rehab projects Goldberg Homes / Goldberg investment Group LLC with his great team in Tennessee and Florida.


After graduation, he studied the Bible at Yeshivat Har Etzion (Gush Etzion) in Israel and served in the Israeli army.

He started his architecture studies in Paris at the Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Architecture de Paris La Villette, where he graduated Architect in 2002 with honors.

He created his Studio of Architecture and Construction and has been running his business for over 18 years.

His Studio was established in 2002 and is committed in a variety of areas in France, USA Tennessee, and Israel: residential buildings, Public buildings(ERP), villas, offices and warehouses, and interior design projects. Alongside architecture, the office also works in the development of real estate projects.

His particular technical expertise is as follows: construction of new buildings, foundations, reinforcements, additional floors additions, reinforcing floors, optimization of building surface, improved technical characteristics audit for financial improvement.

He is registered in the Bureau of Engineers and Architects in Israel (Ministry of Industry) and the Order of Architects in France; and does projects in Israel, USA and France.


In the US (Tennesse, Georgia, Florida) and in Israel, the Studio of Architecture works closely with skilled professionals who are leaders in their field: town hall architecture advisers, expert lawyers in the field of construction and real estate, and very professional and reliable Constructors.

In parallel, the company brings together investors to launch real estate projects, most of them being customers who have already invested and participated in a tour de table. It allows us to give financial guarantees and full completion guarantees.


Accompanying our customers until the completion of their dreamed project,

"Tailor-made" projects to meet the expectations of our customers,

Adding Value to client's properties.

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