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I grew up in Paris, and after high school I studied at the Yeshiva Har Etzion in Israel in 1992, and I did my military service in Tsahal.


As I have always loved drawing and the idea of ​​building beautiful things, I chose to learn Architecture in Paris, where I graduated with honors from the jury in 2002.


Passionate about quality real estate development, I started working in the real estate field, then very quickly I was asked to design Architecture projects, and managed the work: individual houses and villas, apartment buildings, mikwe, warehouses, offices, building reinforcements, facilities open to the public, etc.


Since 2013 I have lived with my family in Israël, in Zichron Yaakov, where I practice as an Architect.

Registered at the Bureau of Engineers and Architects in Israel (Ministry of Industry); I carry out projects in Israel, the United States and France.


My Architecture Studio works in close collaboration with qualified professionals who are leaders in their field: town halls, expert lawyers in the field of construction and real estate, financing organizations, and selected and reliable Builders.

At the same time, the company brings together investors to launch real estate projects, and sets up financial guarantees and performance guarantees.


  • Survey and building inspection

  • Add value to our client's properties,

  • Develop real estate investment projects,

  • "Tailor-made" projects to meet the specific expectations of our customers.

  • Coach our customers from the beginning to the realization of their project.

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